Fentronix is a family run business based in the Fens.

We noticed the the lack of small innovative products for audio. Our mission is to provide neat solutions that work, are robust and are reliable. Also where possible we take great efforts to keep the products as small as possible.

We use high quality connectors so you should find that you get long life from our products.

We are continuously looking to improve so if you have and product suggestions please get in touch



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi guys. I am after a bit of advice. I am currently doing a podcast using my mobile to film. I need an attenuator to connect from my rca cables from my dj mixer into a trs adaptor and then into my phone. Which one of your products would you recommend
    Cheers Scot James


    1. Hi. Thanks for your message. I think a fixed 25dB attenuator would do the job. It depends at which end you’d prefer to convert your connections as these come in jack or rca phono both ends.
      Regards, Matt, Fentronix


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