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Audio Attenuation

We have a huge range of audio attenuators with the following options

6.35mm or 3.55mm jack sockets

Gold plated phono sockets

Adjustable up to 40dB

DC Blocking for devices designed for electret mics/phantom power

25, or 40dB fixed value attenuators

Mono or stereo options

MIIDI Switching

We have a large range of MIDI switchers to meet your needs

We have foot switchers which come with various options including led display, 2 to one switching, heavy duty or budget versions.

We also make hand operated MIDI switchers that you can operate using a toggle switch. Switch between 2 ‘slave’ units or use for isolation.

These come with female connectors fitted or a flying lead with a male connector, so we can cover most configurations

These devices are designed to suit standard 3 pin MIDI and so do not carry power through the DIN connectors

Welcome to our new updated webpage

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This new neater and easy to navigate website.  Look out for new products and find detailed information on what is available and application suggestions and advice

Also we are interested to hear from you from any product ideas or one offs we could look at for you.

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