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MIDI switcher 3 way switching

Desktop MIDI switcher

IDEAL for live and studio useage. This product is designed to offer a simple switching solution on a budget.

Still offers a non slip tough ABS box capable of withstanding daily useage.

Switch between 3 slave units or use the device to isolate (leaving one port empty)

No batteries required.

UK Made, Quality assured

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Used the world over

Audio isolator 3.5mm

Home Stereo Car Audio System studio, live music/pa etc

600 Ohm impedance

Please Note: While this device is designed to eliminate ground loops, isolating the source of the ground loop can be very difficult even for professional technicians and it may not be possible to remove completely. Sometimes the problem can be at the last added component or at the furthest from the main system; however, these might only be symptoms of a harder-to-solve problem. Please be patient as you work through test scenarios to eliminate your ground loop issue.


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Selected audio repairs

We do offer some repairs to audio equipment and instruments.

Please note any visits are strictly by appointment for dropping off faulty goods.

Please check back soon for a list of repair services we offer.  In the meantime please email us with any inquiries to sales@fentronix.com