A little news

We are currently working on releasing a small range of quality cables for musicians.  These will include standard guitar and patch leads, XLR microphone cables, drum related cables, and MIDI cables.  Once big difference is these will be made with high quality connectors, and carefully made by hand, ensuring good reliable connections that will last and also improved cable strain relief.   We will also be offering a (local only) cable repair/upgrade service.  This will mean removing the end of the cable that contains the break and completely remaking, and replacing connectors that are in poor condition with high quality ones.   Keep and eye on the shop for the latest information.


You wanted it, you got it!

A number of people asked about being able to switch between 3 audio sources.   We decided to build this into a top quality professional metal case which looks good, is robust and being metal, its less susceptible to external noise.

Visit our shop now to check it our or send us an email enquiry and we’d be happy to help.

Several web updates

We have just added several updates to the webpage.   In particular, please visit the web shop where we have added listings so that you can see the information directly without going onto ebay and purchase directly with us if that is your preference.

Just to note we respond quickly to any questions and queries so please feel free to ask. If in the unlikely event your order is lost or faulty we are happy to arrange a replacement or full refund.  If you are returning because you simply don’t want it or have decided its not the correct item, you need to contact us within 2 weeks of purchase and you are liable for the return postage. The item must also be in as received/new condition.   Please remember that any signed for orders require a signature from you on receipt.  If you are not in when its delivered you should receive a card with instructions (which usually mean collecting from your local postal or sorting office or calling to arrange a re- delivery.

A new product to compliment our range of switchers

We’ve just added a new switcher to our product range

This switcher is much like the ever popular ASPHO1  except this device has 2 phono inputs that are selectable using a toggle switch to a single output on a 5 PIN DIN plug.

This allows direct connection to a number of audio amplifiers.

As stated in the listings, please note the inputs are not attenuated so if you are feeding it with a high level source you may want to attenuate first or speak to use and we can fit attenuation as required.

Great work with our MIDI foot switcher and a famous musician joins the ranks of Fentronix customers

Along with many great Keyboarists and other musicians we are proud to say that Iconic Keyboard player Brian Jackson is now a proud user of our MIDI heavy foot switcher.

Brian has worked with Iconic artists such as Stevie Wonder, Earth wind and fire, Gil Scott-Heron, Will downing, Gwen Guthrie, Kool and the gang and many others.

Along with this accolade we have many other working musicians across the world using our switchers with a high concentration in the New York music scene.

We have also sold attenuators to Pinewood studios and other film outlets plus independent film makers and outside broadcast units.

Our MIDI switchers- Value, compact and do what they say on the tin

We have a great range of 2 way MIDI switchers to suit your needs.

We have 3 versions of our foot switcher;  A budget version with a tough abs box, the same but in a heavy dicast box, or a version with LED channel indicators.

We also do 2 hand toggled versions.   One with 3 female sockets and one with a male ‘flying’ lead to plug in directly.