Product information

SAA25 Audio Attenuator 

This is our ever popular Stereo audio attenuator.  This comes in a compact tough abs box, around only 3.5cm long!  It has 2 stereo Jack sockets.   Used widely by DJ’s for live broadcasts of sets on Facebook or Twitter.  It has many other applications too such as interfacing your audio device to your camcorder.   Its key function is to take line level down to a useable mic level.   The 25dB attenuation generally refers to ‘consumer line level’.  For ‘professional line level’ use the 40dB attenuator SAA40.   If you have a need for single channel/mono attenuation we also do an AAM25 attenuator.

Please note at present, if you are using this with a phone you will need to connect it to your phone using an appropriate cable such as the Rode Sc4 which ensures the mic connection goes on the correct pin.


This is a simple but effective stereo audio switcher.   You can connect 2 audio sources to a single input or visa versa.  There is virtually no colouring of the audio due to the passive nature of the box.  All boxes are tested carefully and made individually in the UK.   The metal version is in a plain diecast box which is more rubust and offers screening from external noise if you are in a particularly noisy environments.

Our range of MIDI switchers

We have a number of different options for MIDI switchers.  The basic principle is the same- To allow 1 device to control 2 slave devices or use one port as an off/isolation port.  We have 3 MIDI Foots switchers- 1 is in a plastic abs case which functionally does the job but can be purchased at a budget price.  The dicast models are much more robust and can also feature an LED indicator to show what channel is active.   We also have a desktop/toggle switcher.  These are very popular and used the world over.



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